Kingsway Ice Hockey Club

Welcome to our story! Kingsway Ice Hockey (KIH) had been a scholastic hockey program representing Kingsway Regional High School intermittently through the decades prior to 2012. In 2012, KIH was reborn. Reborn with a structure to provide consistency, sustainability, and excellence on and off the ice.

Kingsway Ice Hockey is a non-profit scholastic club, for boys and girls, of the the Kingsway Regional School District sending schools. Participation on the club is governed by the club by-laws, participating leagues, and/or residence. We strive to provide an affordable hockey experience. We want our players to excel in the classroom, serve the community, and display strong sportsmanship and leadership.

In order to operate a sustainable program, we provide hockey experiences for children in kindergarten through 12th grade. Here is an outline of levels of play:

K-2 Mites

Our K-2 program is all about developing our players’ LOVE for the game of hockey- it is FUN! This level practices once per weekend at Iceworks Skating Complex in Aston, PA. They play approximately 18-20 half-ice games per season at Iceworks and participate in 1-2 tournaments per year.

Elementary, 3rd/4th

We continue to build on the LOVE of the game at this level. They also practice and play games at Iceworks. This team also practices once per weekend and plays 18-20 games per season in the DSHL. This group will also participate in 1-2 tournaments per year.

Middle School, 5th–8th

At this level we focus on learning more of the fundamentals and strategy of ice hockey while maintaining a fun, learning environment. We play no-check hockey in middle school, fielding teams at either Iceworks in Aston, PA, Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ or the new Delaware Middle School League. These teams practice roughly once per week during the season on Wednesdays at Iceworks and play about 18-20 games.

Girls High School

This high school team consists of ALL girls. We are the first team in South Jersey to field an all-girls high school hockey team. Our Lady Dragons practice at Iceworks during the week on Wednesdays and play in an all-girls league, the Inter-County Scholastic Hockey League (ICSHL), in PA.

Boys High School

This our highest level of play for the Boys. We field Junior Varsity and Varsity teams. JV is a competitive level while still focusing on player development. The Varsity level is our highest level of competition and our athletes strive to succeed on the ice. Both teams practice once per week on Wednesdays and compete in the South Jersey High School Hockey League (SJHSHL) in New Jersey. All league games are played in New Jersey.

Wednesday 12/27 7:15 PM @Iceworks Rink 3

Kingsway Ice Hockey Alumnae:
PLEASE use our Team-Snap registration link to register for the alumni game. We want to capture your contact information for future events. Adding your email is important during the registration process. It will take you 60 seconds to create an account if you don't have one. Please follow these steps:
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Thanks everyone and we can't wait to see you all at the game.

Kingsway Ice Hockey Club