I am happy to announce that our 2023-2024 Season Registration is now open!


  1. You first MUST register your child with USAH Hockey for the 2023-2024 season.  If you do not, our registration process will reject you.  We are now tied in with USAH.  Name and birthdate must correlate exactly with what is on your USAH registration confirmation.
  2. New and Returning players will now order new jerseys, socks and pant shells right through this registration process. So...PLEASE check the status of your child's uniform right now if returning. If they don't fit or are too beat-up you must order one.  NEW players must order black jersey and socks if in grades K-8. If you are in boys 9-12 grade and girls 8-12 you must order white jersey and socks as well. Pant Shells are optional except for ALL High School players.  But they are cool!! High School Boys and Girls will remain with both black and white uniforms. Sizing dates will come later. PLEASE state "None" in the uniform number section if you are a returning player and are not ordering a new uniform.
  3. It is important that you get the grade and attending school CORRECT for your child's September 2023 school matriculation.
  4. We now have an "OPTIONAL" donation form section if you wish to add a little more and help us defer our costs.
  5. We have instituted an "Early Bird" registration discount this year. This "discount" is a $50 reduction per child for the month of June. On July 1st, the registration fee will revert to normal tuition cost. So, PLEASE register early!
  6. You have 2 payment options:  
  7. Pay with credit card. You have an installment plan with this option split over 3 payments.  Only $100/player plus fee is charged here at checkout.  You can also choose to pay in full with this option.
  8. Pay with a "direct withdrawal" from your bank.  The whole shabang is charged at checkout here but you can get it all over with now. 
  9.  Click the following link to begin!  It is easy and I hope to see everyone soon!



Tuition Breakdown:

High School Boys (Grades 9-12) $1,300

High School Girls (Grades 8-12) $1,000

Middle School Boys (Grades 5-8 Coed) $800

Middle School Girls (Grades 5-7 Coed) $800

Elementary Boys and Girls (Grades 3-4) $900

Mites Boys and Girls (Grades K-2) $900


High School Players (Boys grades 9-12 and girls grades 8-12) MUST download a copy of the USAH Liability Waiver.  Please complete and hand in to your head coach at your first meeting or practice. Some leagues that our High School teams play in require this document.


Thanks Much Everyone,

Scotty Winters

President-Kingsway Ice Hockey